We guarantee our product 100% for flavor, tenderness and freezer burn for up to 12 mo. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any product you purchase from us, please contact
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Great Lakes Steaks is a company dedicated to supplying nationwide home delivery with the finest quality Steak, Chicken and Seafood variety "Six Packs".

Great Lakes Steaks are produced in a USDA government inspected plant. We have over 125 skilled employees, whose primary goals are to produce the best tasting and most delicious restaurant quality steaks available anywhere.

At Great Lakes Steaks we are proud of the excellent red color of our steaks and the attractive packaging that we use. Each portion cut is individually flash frozen and vacuum sealed so they can easily be tempered and ready for the grill.

At Great Lakes Steaks, consistency is the key to our long list of satisfied customers. Consistant bright color of the steaks for successful presentations by our distributors. Consistant top shelf restaurant quality taste, flavor and tenderness.

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